Entering the dark ages



Hello to any of you still with us!

It’s been about 6 months since my family has moved to Oregon.  There have been lots of changes and uncertainty in our lives.  Change with moving to a new place is very stressful in addition to having 2 little ones to care for.  Also a family members cancer has returned.  We are in escrow and if all works out, we’ll be in our own home before Christmas.  We also got a unexpected surprise as well, Peter and I are expecting another little Fan of Lego!  Baby is coming this spring!

I’ve feel like I’ve lost my creative side and my desire for Lego.  With pregnancy pain and just having almost no time for a daily shower because I’m so busy or sleep deprived, Lego has taken a back seat to everything else 😦  It is quite sad.  I do have a couple ideas I’d still like to photograph for this site.  Hopefully someday I’ll have some time for that and I hope to get inspired again to do more.

I know most of you AFOLS may have entered your dark ages when you were much younger than myself.  What’s your Dark Age story?  Or maybe you’ve never lost your love for Lego.  I’d love to hear it.  I have a new Lego Darth Vader flashlight key chain that I’ve had for a while but have no need for.  I’ll give it to someone of my choosing….maybe randomly or whose story speaks to me the most.  I’ll consider the comments made by Dec 12 and I’ll only send the items to a US mailing address (sorry to my international readers but this stay at home mom is on a budget).



Happy Shark Week!



I had grand plans for this photo for Shark Week.  I was hoping to get him to swim but as soon as I approached the water and saw the yellow foam, I decided against putting my feet in the water!  Oh well, this will have to do.

Pictured:  Shark
Location:  Imperial Beach, California

Yo quiero Lego




Do you remember those Taco Bell commercials in the late ’90’s?  I loved them.  I even bought a couple plush Taco Bell chihuahua dogs.

When series 10 came out, Trendsetter was my favorite out of them all, but only because she came with this dog.  This just might be my most favorite Lego animal.  What a tiny, cute, 1 stud animal!  I have bought a few Trendsetters just to get more chihuahuas.

Do you have a favorite Lego animal?

Pictured:  Trendsetter‘s chihuahua

Goodbye California

Sorry for the lack of updates.  My family has just relocated to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon.  We are really excited about this move.  But we really are going to miss our family and friends in southern California.  Not to mention all the Lego stores.  We left a state that has 10 Lego stores (6 Lego stores within 3 hours, and the closest one being 15 minutes away) to a state that has just one and it’s almost 5 hours away.  Oh well.  Thankfully the Lego Store isn’t the only store that sells Lego.

IMG_2553 The Lego Store in Tigard, Or

IMG_2550 Some PortLUG creations

IMG_2555Ahhhh and all tax free too!  One more reason to love Oregon!

Anyone reading this blog from Oregon?

Lego memory game

Whenever we host or help host a party, I always like to have games.  And not just games for kids, but for the adults.  And I try to have good prizes too, that way, the adults want to participate and/or get crazy competitive.  Also, I always try to have the games or prizes have something to do with Lego.

Last weekend we had a party and I had a Lego memory game.   I saw this game recently and thought it was a good idea.  I set up 33 Lego items and labeled them. I gave the participants 1 minute to look at the items before covering them up again.  Then the participants had 1.5 minutes to write down everything they could remember.   It was a lot of fun.  The winners (it was a tie) remembered 22 things and received a Target gift card.


At previous parties, we’ve had kids build cars and race them (like Build and Test at Legoland), we’ve had people build the same small airplane and see who was the quickest, and we’ve had a Duplo tower building contest.

My favorite game was at a friend’s party.  They had a huge box of minifig parts and you had to assemble as many as you could in a minute.  Each minifig had to have a hat or hair piece, a head, body and legs.

Have you had any Lego games at parties you’ve hosted?

The Easter Bunny’s family


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The Easter Bunny and his family would like to wish you a happy Easter!

Pictured:  Chicken Suit Guy (with a different head), Bunny Suit GuyBunny, and chicken

Every bunny was kung fu fighting




No animals were harmed in the making of this photo.

Pictured:  High kick, Bunny Suit Guy, and Bunny

Bike ride


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Hello Kitty on her tricycle just can’t keep up with the big girls on their bikes. The inferior quality of Mega Bloks is exposed yet again!

I despise Mega Bloks because they are so poorly made.  But I do own some.  If it wasn’t for their license with Hello Kitty then I wouldn’t have any at all.  My love for Hello Kitty is just a bit more than my dislike for Mega Bloks.  What are you thoughts on Mega Bloks?  Do you own any?

Pictured:  Skater Girl, Hello Kitty and Tricycle from MB School House

Jewel thief

IMG_1666Police officers are in hot pursuit of a man who stole hundreds of rubies from the jewelry store.

Happy Jewel Day!

I forgot to mention last week that our blog is 1 year old!  I just want to thank all of you for visiting our blog.  We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do taking them.  A big THANK YOU to Eric of Lego a Day and Lego Girl of World of Minifigs for being our top commenters!

Pictured:  Truck and ATV from 4437 City Police Pursuit

Pot head

IMG_1643The original pot head:
John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed 1774-1845

A generous man who loved animals and people.  He planted thousands of apple trees and, oddly, he used a pot for a hat.

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!