Hello to any of you still with us!

It’s been about 6 months since my family has moved to Oregon.  There have been lots of changes and uncertainty in our lives.  Change with moving to a new place is very stressful in addition to having 2 little ones to care for.  Also a family members cancer has returned.  We are in escrow and if all works out, we’ll be in our own home before Christmas.  We also got a unexpected surprise as well, Peter and I are expecting another little Fan of Lego!  Baby is coming this spring!

I’ve feel like I’ve lost my creative side and my desire for Lego.  With pregnancy pain and just having almost no time for a daily shower because I’m so busy or sleep deprived, Lego has taken a back seat to everything else 😦  It is quite sad.  I do have a couple ideas I’d still like to photograph for this site.  Hopefully someday I’ll have some time for that and I hope to get inspired again to do more.

I know most of you AFOLS may have entered your dark ages when you were much younger than myself.  What’s your Dark Age story?  Or maybe you’ve never lost your love for Lego.  I’d love to hear it.  I have a new Lego Darth Vader flashlight key chain that I’ve had for a while but have no need for.  I’ll give it to someone of my choosing….maybe randomly or whose story speaks to me the most.  I’ll consider the comments made by Dec 12 and I’ll only send the items to a US mailing address (sorry to my international readers but this stay at home mom is on a budget).