Whenever we host or help host a party, I always like to have games.  And not just games for kids, but for the adults.  And I try to have good prizes too, that way, the adults want to participate and/or get crazy competitive.  Also, I always try to have the games or prizes have something to do with Lego.

Last weekend we had a party and I had a Lego memory game.   I saw this game recently and thought it was a good idea.  I set up 33 Lego items and labeled them. I gave the participants 1 minute to look at the items before covering them up again.  Then the participants had 1.5 minutes to write down everything they could remember.   It was a lot of fun.  The winners (it was a tie) remembered 22 things and received a Target gift card.


At previous parties, we’ve had kids build cars and race them (like Build and Test at Legoland), we’ve had people build the same small airplane and see who was the quickest, and we’ve had a Duplo tower building contest.

My favorite game was at a friend’s party.  They had a huge box of minifig parts and you had to assemble as many as you could in a minute.  Each minifig had to have a hat or hair piece, a head, body and legs.

Have you had any Lego games at parties you’ve hosted?