The Downtown Disney Lego Store temporarily relocated during the renovation of the store.  It took 2 months and finally reopened last week.  We were in Anaheim this weekend so we stopped by Downtown Disney to check it out.  Wow!  What a change.  Previously, the round building had shelves perpendicular to the walls.  Now it has a cleaner, more modern look.  The biggest changes were the huge Lego models, the 2nd story Duplo play area, and the outdoor play area to build and race cars.

In Southern California, we have 5 Lego Stores!  We are about 20 minutes away from the closest one and only 2 hours away from the farthest.   I am really happy about that.  But I do wish they were spread out more.  Peter and I hope to move away from this crowded area.  But because the stores are so unevenly spread out through the country, we’ll probably end up moving to a state that does not have a Lego store 😦

How about you?  Have you ever been to a Lego store?  How many miles away is your closest store?