I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to post pictures from the recent monthly model builds.  But now I have a few minutes, so here they are.

Luke’s eyeing his Thanksgiving dinner.

August’s build was an owl.
See that guy in the red in the middle?  I met him the following month at the October build.  Michael Todd is quite the Lego fan and expert.  He has several wooden toys made by Lego and he told me his home is FULL of Lego.  He’s going to open a Lego museum in San Diego.  It was very interesting speaking with him.

October’s build was a black cat.

November’s build was a turkey.
We arrived late, around 6:30pm and the line was so long!  If you are familiar with Fashion Valley Mall, the line ended across the bride to Gheppettos.  And I was told it was even longer earlier.  I was surprised because it was a school night and it was election day.  We walked around the mall for a while and came back to the line a few minutes before 7pm.  There was still a line but we were told they have to put the tables away and stop the build by 7 so they started handing out the Lego bricks and instructions for the owl to the remaining children in line.  I didn’t mind.  I just wonder why they have to dump the bricks out of the poly bag they come in and put it into a Lego store bag.  Maybe they don’t want people reselling them?  It sure is a lot of packaging wasted.