Today until Sunday, the San Diego Lego store is celebrating their one year anniversary with a build of the United States.  I went with Tiny S and Baby F this morning to participate.  We had a really good time.

We were each given a 16X16 plate and were told we could build whatever we wanted.  Tiny S built a “kitchen” and since I’m not great at building, I made a tree.  It was nice seeing people build famous landmarks, like buildings from Las Vegas and the Golden Gate Bridge.  But I also saw some some fun things that didn’t have to do with any US location, like a huge Sponge Bob.  I can’t make it back on Sunday so I hope I can find some pictures online of the finished map.

Our creations.  I put a G on this apple tree for my name.

Today was also a fantastic day to do some shopping!  Double VIP points this month  plus a few other deals because of the birthday celebration!  We received an email with a coupon for $10 off when you spend $50.  And If you spend $35 or more you get 3 minifigs.  Plus I received a postcard coupon in the mail for a free small Pick A Brick cup if you spend $35 or more.  Happy to say I got some Christmas shopping done today!

Yay for free minifigs!