This month the Lego Store had a special summer build.  There were 3 builds: a lighthouse, a watermelon, and a beach chair.  The San Diego store had the beach chair.  I think it’s the best out of all 3.  I was told that the San Diego store usually has 300 sets available for the usual monthly build, but for the summer build they only had 100.  So to make sure we didn’t miss out yesterday, we arrived an hour and 10 minutes early.  Every time I’ve gone, I think “It’s not worth it” while I’m standing in the sun, but I’m always glad we went afterward.  Tiny S really enjoys it, and what’s not to like about free Lego bricks?
When we made it to the front of the line, we weren’t given the usual card with a picture of the build, but instead given the store’s business card with our number on it.  We were #30.

Apparently there were a lot of younger kids at the build yesterday, so the employees made the bases of the set ahead of time to speed the process along.  Also, usually I see someone opening poly bags with the sets and dumping them into the little bowls for each kid.  I’m not sure what happened to this build, but there were a couple of kids at this table of five that had a couple pieces missing.  And when the kids were on the step to build the arm rests with several 1X4’s they were handed to the kids from a separate bowl.

I’m happy with this build.  It’s a nice design (the back reclines) and it’s a lot larger then the other builds, it has over 50 pieces!

Did any of you make it yesterday to a different store?  I’d love to see pictures of the watermelon and the lighthouse.