We went to the Monthly Model Build for the first time today!  Yay for a free tiny Lego set!  It’s always the first Tuesday of the month.  The age for participating is 6-14 so I never bothered going.  But a couple months ago, I was talking to an employee at the Lego Store and she said our daughter could participate as long as I build the set for her.  We had a total of 7 kids with us today, but 2 of them are even younger than Tiny S, so they didn’t participate.

The Monthly Model Build started at 5pm.  We got there 45 minutes early to find a line of at least 50 adults and kids.  The line moved quickly at 5pm and we got to the front of the line in about 20 minutes.

The employee I spoke with last month said that it’s really crowded early on, but at around 6:30pm, there’s no line at all.  I wanted to go early though, since there are some schools that are already out for the summer (like the school Tiny S’s cousins attend) and I assumed there would be more kids than usual.  Also in the previous calendars, it stated that the Monthly Model Build was from 5-7.  This time it said it started at 5 and only have about 250 available per store.

Tiny S with her cousins, admiring the Lego sets in the window while waiting.

This month’s build was a lawn mower!

I believe there were 3 tables inside and 5 kids at a table at a time.

It was a good time, but it was really hot standing in the sun waiting outside, especially wearing Baby F in a baby carrier.  It was a big ordeal with all the kids, not sure if we’ll go again unless it’s a really great build, like this lawn mower.

Have you ever been to a Monthly Model Build?  What are your thoughts about it?