Tonight we went to our local Lego store to take advantage of the Pick a Brick Sale. We got a large pick a brick cup for the price of a small cup ($7.49USD instead of $14.49USD).

Here is Tiny S playing with the Build A Minifig pieces.  This is her favorite part of the store.

The store was running out of cups, so they had a deal where, if you wanted, you could fill up a cup but not take the cup home.  The sales associate would just put the bricks in a bag and you would get an additional 50 cent discount.

Here’s all the bricks we got!  I was really happy to find red chairs available and I got a lot of them.  Peter and I stuffed the cup as best as we could and I think we did a great job 🙂   If you can get to a Lego store, you still have time to get this deal, it ends tomorrow.